Two Towns from Me

Remember the world
living in the half
that you cannot see.
Been walking a line,
the thinning tide,
and stepping in too deep.
Watching water thread my sleeves,
what’d I pull from underneath?

We'll tie it down,
wait it out
and hope our memories hold.
A lead-white nail
driven down
a hundred years ago.
Feeling wheels on my old road,
Feeling bought for what I sold.
I had a dream you were two towns from me-
got to sleep, spent the whole night running.

Diving gulls
wet their breath
and live in between.
Hollow bones
knowing both
what they want and what they need.
How I want that mystery.
Let me dive 'till I believe.

I had a dream we were nothing more than
caught up in our own lives, honey.

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