Umpqua Rushing

Panic in the first beat of the morning, 
Even what I've got isn't worth offering
If I can't cross the sheets and hold your beat. 

Talking in the street with who is listening, 
Nothing that I say is worth remembering. 
Even faces change- my heart stays the same. 

Engine in the sky won't let the moment go, 
Following behind always a second slow. 
If I'm far away, am I hearing straight- I'm no voice you want to know? 

You've been a forest burning no direction, 
Caught me sleeping smoke in my protection. 
Your blackened branches drifting through my water- 
Are you wrapped up in his arms? I'm rushing faster and faster. 

Panic in the taste of all that could have been, 
Even what I thought wasn't worth giving, 
At least my mind has changed. 

I've been a forest burning no direction, 
I tried to hold you, I tried everything but running. 
My heart is panicking- are you kissing him?
Are you reaching through all your days with him? 
Your blackened branches drifting through my water-
Are you over me? Are you? Are? You are. 
I will not hold you. I will not feel your sway. 
I will not miss you. I will not think each day, 
Of summer twilight, your eyes rushing through me deep, 
I saw my own waters rushing right back to me- 
You sitting shotgun, the lost coast calling me, 
Umpqua Forest, your face just like in my dream…

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