Which Side I’m On

Even the robin that cuts the dawn- 
Even his sound knows which side he’s on,
Nothing that stays where it has been in the black. 
And the light is a candle on my screen. 
It flickers the reel of this same old dream, 
Holding me in this middle moon, looking back.
I won't let it drink me down like a secret. 
I won't give in anymore than I've given. 
No matter how or hard enough, 
I'm still gonna drink from that broken cup. 
Yeah, it knows which side I'm on.

I have done wrong, I’ve done wrong, I’ve done wrong,
And that weight will follow me, but that weight is the world's, 
And the world is not mine- it is the place where I am.
And I have lost, I’ve lost, I’ve lost,
And that won't let go of me. 
But that story’s not me- it's just who I can't change and not who I can.

I don't see the desert for its sand.
I don't see the water for dry land. 
All that I love has turned to fuel for the fire. 
And it's gonna burn me with its touch. 
It's gonna fill my loving cup. 
Yeah, it knows which side I'm on.

No, that story’s not me- it’s just who I can’t change, and not who I am.

All it keeps me from

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